Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Heroin Addiction

After speaking to the history of the drug heroin, we would like to talk about the addiction to it. Heroin, like all drugs is dangerous and fatal when used. It does not matter in what means you are taking the drug. Whether you smoke, snort, and shoot the drug, the effects are deadly.

When someone uses heroin for the first time it is immediately detrimental to the mind and body. After the user feels the euphoric high that heroin produces they become instantly addicted. If only in the mental sense that is all it takes for someone to become an abuser of one of the most fatal drugs out there. After a period of abuse, the user begins to feel that nothing in the world matters except for finding more. As with any substance, the abusers tolerance to the drug will increase making it more difficult to find the financial means to remain as high as they want. That is when a drug addict will begin to steal and break laws or just do anything they would not normally do in order to obtain more.

The health concerns of heroin abuse pose so many different risks. Heroin, which is often injected, can lead to AIDS, HIV, and hepatitis. Sharing needles is common among heroin addicts. Often times respiratory and cardiovascular problems arise soon after people use the drug.

The withdrawal from heroin is painful. When an addict can't find more and is forced to not use, without medical help this can be painful. The detox from heroin lasts anywhere from 3-10 days. It is the suggestion to find a Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut heroin rehab to come off this drug. Clearbrook Treatment Centers can provide a full medical heroin detox in Pennsylvania. Please call us to speak with an admissions specialist.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heroin Treatment Center

The History of Heroin and Heroin Abuse

This week we are going to focus on heroin addiction, the effects, and the statistics of the drug. Heroin abuse has grown in the US by alarming numbers over the last century. This drug is blamed for more overdoses than any other drug out there. First, we would like to give you the history of where heroin was derived from.

In November of 1898 the company Bayer and a chemist named Heinrich Dresser launched the product Diaceylmorphine. The company Bayer is well known still as the inventor of aspirin. It is still made today and people consume over 40 billion tablets of Bayer aspirin a year. When launched, heroin got its name because employees of the Bayer company tested the product for sore throats and coughs. When they consumed this product by drinking it they all said they felt heroic. Thus the name heroin was thought of. The drug was 4 times as powerful as morphine and more effective. It was first marketed as a non-addictive substance. In those days heroin was packaged in a bottle and consumed by drinking it. The intravenous needle did not come till much later. In 1899 Bayer produced over a ton or 2000 pounds of heroin and sold it to over 23 countries including the United States.

From 1910-1912, the United States government started seeing a drastic rise in heroin abuse. People were overdosing and using the substance for recreational purposes. It took another 22 years for the United States to make the possession and consumption of Heroin illegal. Bayer had stopped production of heroin in 1913 only to have other people making it illegally and more powerful. That is when people started using needles to inject heroin and the powder to ingest through the nose.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers are Pennsylvania heroin rehabs that are close enough to serve as New York heroin rehabs, New Jersey heroin rehabs, and Connecticut heroin rehabs. Please call us to speak with an admissions specialist today.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Equal to Others

October 17-Daily Gratitude
I am grateful to know that I am equal to others. Today I will attempt to remain the right size. I pray for awareness of my similarity to others.

When we are using, we think we are different from everyone else. We think that no one understands our situation because we are unique. We think we are better than other people. Our ego creates these delusional thoughts.

When we walk into the rooms of AA/NA and here the stories of others we realize we are not different. We actually realize that all of the people around us are similar in some way or another. We must embrace these similarities because it helps us relate to others and helps others relate to us. Thus making it possible to support each other in the program. So for today, enjoy how equal you are to all of those around you!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prescription Drug Treatment Center PA NY NJ

Clearbrook Treatment Centers can serve as the facility for your adolescent that has an addiction to prescription drugs. In today's world, these drugs are being abused by our teenagers in some places, more widely than the more common and well known street drugs like cocaine, heroin, or marijuana. The first step in getting these children help is a drug treatment center in PA, NY, or NJ, that has the capabilities of safely treating this illness.

The drugs of oxycontin, percocet, and vicodine are being distributed at alarming rates on our streets. Many people wonder where these drugs are coming from. Medicine cabinets in our homes have drugs in them that are addictive and exactly what the addict is looking for. Take a look in your medicine cabinet and see what is in there. If you don't know what it is, take it to a pharmacy and find out. If you don't need it, tell them and they will dispose of it. Doctors and pain clinics are the biggest offender in this new drug epidemic. We do realize that these medications do serve a purpose and are used to treat pain, but there are some places out there that serve as legal drug dealing offices. Short of getting into the politics of this problem, something needs to be done.

Our teenagers are dying everyday from these drugs. They think that it isn't that bad because they aren't abusing the everyday street drugs. These drugs in a lot of cases are just synthetic forms of these drugs. Oxycontin for example produces the same euphoric high as heroin. Ridilin can produce the same effects as cocaine. These drugs are dangerous and you should be educated on them.

If your need a PA, NY, or NJ drug rehab, call Clearbrook and speak with a member of our staff. We can help you. We will help your loved one. Drug addiction is a disease that requires experienced medical help and the therapeutic physcological treatment can be accomplished at Clearbrook Treatment Centers.