Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teen Drug Abuse Facts, Signs, and Treatment

Teen Drug Abuse Facts
  • The teenage drug user has a greater risk of addiction due to the maturity of the brain.  The part of the brain that controls impulses is not as developed as an adults brain.
  • There are many factors that cause substance abuse including family, social, individual, and genetic factors.
  • There are various methods of treatment for teenage substance abuse.  A facility like Clearbrook Lodge should be consulted to find the proper avenue to take.
  • 16% of eighth grade students have already used alcohol.  29% of tenth grade students have already used alcohol.
  • More than two thirds of tenth grade students have said that marijuana is very easy to obtain.  30% of the same demographic have admitted to using marijuana in the last year.
This month and into the holidays, Clearbrook Treatment Centers will be writing and focusing our efforts on teenage drug and alcohol treatment.  With so many choices out there, please consider calling us first.  We have been in the business of treating teenage addiction for decades and know what treatment fits the individual needs of every child that needs help.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Teenage Heroin Abuse and Treatment

Many times it starts with a little pot and some drinking on the weekends for our teens.  For the most part, although dangerous, these experimenting times in a teens life are short lived.  But what about our children that go from the experimenting phase to the addicted phase?  These numbers are rising with all the new "designer" drugs out there.  Heroin has been around for a long time and has now made a comeback on our streets and even more concerning, in our schools. 

Heroin is a very dangerous drug.  With the propensity for overdose, our kids are dying every day from the abuse of the drug.  In some cases we are seeing a pathway to the addiction to heroin.  There are prescription drugs being sold on the street and in our schools that mimic the effect caused by heroin.  Many kids don't see taking these pills as a problem because they come from doctors therefore they must be safe.  Percocet, Oxycontin, Roxycontin, and Vicodin are all common examples of these drugs.  For the most part an addiction to prescription drugs is a very expensive habit.  These pills are being sold at very high costs.  A pill on the street can run as high as $50.  The tolerance to these drugs grows very quickly and then the habit becomes too expensive to sustain. 

The answer to their problem is not to stop.  Heroin is a cheaper and as effective a way to get high as the pills that became too expensive to pay for.  Most times a teenager will begin using heroin by ingesting the powder through the nose.  Again, the tolerance to the drug grows and the high produced is not the same.  The child is looking to get the same high as the first time they used the drug and just can't seem to get there.  The next avenue to taking heroin is to inject it into the body with needles.  Any time something is put directly into the blood stream, overdose to the drug increases exponentially. 

What is the answer for parents who have a teenager addicted to prescription drugs or heroin?  Is outpatient treatment enough?  Is a psychologist an answer to the problem?  Here at Clearbrook Treatment Centers we have a program designed for adolescents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Clearbrook Lodge has been treating the disease of addiction since 1972 and again specializes in teenage addiction.  When the parent is in crisis they need help.  They need someone to talk to that can analyze the situation and take an objective view as to what treatment is needed to overcome the addiction. 

Please don't wait to call us.  Every minute counts in a situation that you are in.  We are available 24/7 for help.  Please call toll free 1-800-582-6241 or click the link below to our page on teenage drug treatment.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Teen Drug Treatment Options

When choosing a treatment facility for your teenager, a parents mind is going in so many different directions.  There are so many questions as to inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, counseling, etc...   Many parents are pulled in so many different directions that they often times make no choice and the child's addiction continues to get worse.  There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing what treatment center is best for the teen who is addicted. 

  • What drugs or alcohol is being used?
  • The frequency of the child's use?
  • How old is the child?
  • Does the child need to be detoxed medically?
  • How long has the child been using?
  • What is the family situation at home?
These are all questions that need to be answered in order to place a teenager in a facility that handles all of the issues.  If the issues are not dealt with during treatment, the chance at sobriety is very slim. 

Clearbrook Lodge has been treating teenage chemical dependency since 1972.  Our program is focused on the patient in and what happens after treatment.  Many parents ask about school.  Our program is designed to treat the addiction, while the child keeps up in his or her schooling.  The first step in treating teenage drug addiction is to detox in a authorized full medical detox.  After the detox phase the teen is entered into a 28 day treatment program with the twelve steps of AA or NA as the basis to long term sobriety.  Individual and group therapy are practiced at Clearbrook.  We also have an extended care program for adolescents should they need it.

Please call for help with your teenager who is suffering from addiction.  Visit our website on teenage drug treatment here..  Please click below for a video of our facility and what to expect.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teenage Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Teenage drug and alcohol abuse has been and is on the rise in America.  Our teenagers are dying.  They are using drugs that we've never heard of.  Many parents have trouble admitting or even knowing just how out of control their child's life has become.  There are options to get your teenager the help they need.

Our option, Clearbrook Lodge is a free standing teenage drug and alcohol treatment center.  We have programs designed specifically toward teenagers.  We don't mix our adult and adolescent patients.  Our teenagers are placed at the Lodge for 28 days to 6 months depending on their specific needs.  Please call us for help.  Your teenagers life can be saved.  1-800-582-6241.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teenage Heroine Abuse

In the past few years the spike in teenage heroine abuse has sky rocketed.  The pattern that we see is teenagers are using substances such as Oxycontin, vicodine, and roxycontin.  These prescription drugs are being sold on the street.  Teens are using them in a variety of different ways including taking them orally, ingesting them through the nose, or injecting them with needles.  These drugs are just as dangerous as the street drugs are.  Many teens are finding these medications in the own homes and reselling them on the street.  Some teens have found ways to buy prescription medication over the Internet.  These pills are expensive.  Many people that are selling these pills are asking for $30-$50 per pill.  Being that they are teenagers they can't sustain their addiction at these prices.  What they turn to is heroine.  Heroine provides the user with the same high at a fraction of the cost for the same euphoric feeling. 

These drugs are killing our children.  Many parents don't know where to turn for help.  They are pulled in many different directions regarding help for their children.  Clearbrook Treatment Centers has our own free standing treatment center, Clearbrook Lodge, that treats teenage patients only.  We do not mix adolescents and adults.  Our adult facility is located about 20 miles from the adolescent facility.  We have a full medical detox to safely help your child move into the treatment phase of their illness.  Our adolescents have the ability to go to school, enjoy the outdoor surroundings, and most importantly work on their addiction and leave us with a feeling of confidence. 

We strongly believe in family participation in the treatment of teenage substance abuse.  Please don't wait to call us.  We can answer all those questions that are circling in your mind.  You can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  1-800-582-6241.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Drug Rehab and Teen Drug Rehab Video

Please watch our videos of teen drug treatment and adult drug treatment centers

The video above will give you all the information that you need about teen drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Clearbrook Treatment Centers has a free standing adult treatment center and a teen or adolescent treatment center.  Both have a full medical detox.