Monday, November 23, 2015

Heroin Drug Rehab in Long Island

As we have reported in the past year, the heroin problem is wreaking havoc across our country and the towns in Long Island are not exempt.  Heroin, which used to be segregated to mostly the inner cities and people who were below the poverty line, now knows no boundries.  We have read numerous stories in the newspapers in towns in Nassau and Suffolk Counties about people overdosing and dying.  The reports don't lie about this epidemic.  Since 2012, heroin overdoses in Nassau County have doubled while it's neighbor to the east, Suffolk County has tripled.  The police have begun to crack down on the problem with the help of both DA's offices.  Whether it is the father-son team who was busted in Suffolk for distribution or it was the Hofstra University student who is facing 15 years in prison for injecting his girlfriend with a fatal dose, it shows that the governments are starting to do something about it.  In 2008. Natalie's Law was put on the books in Nassau but not Suffolk County.  The law requires the police to report to the school district superintendents when an arrest has been made in their school district.  A map below shows an example:

This is all good news BUT this is all still talking about the problem and not the solution.  The solution is getting people help.  The solution requires people to get into a drug rehab in Long Island to start the healing process.  Many people on heroin try to quit themselves in varying different ways.  Nine out of ten times they fail.  Then many of them overdose and die.  Clearbrook which is located only a 2 hour drive from Nassau County and 3 hour drive from Suffolk County can serve as a Long Island heroin rehab and detox.  We have had thousands of patients from the Long Island area over the last 40 years, many of them living happy lives today free of the addiction to heroin.  Please call us for help.  Our admissions line is staffed 24/7/365.  

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Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm Newly Sober & I Have Insomnia!!!!

One of the most common problems we see from people new to recovery is the inability to or lack of sleep.  You would think that after you stop drinking and using the mind and body would catch up and you'd sleep better.  To a degree that is true but like everything else in early sobriety, it takes time.

With years of substance abuse, chemical imbalances are created in the brain.  Many times the mind and the brain take longer to cooperate and get into what we deem "normal".  We are beaten up three ways by active addiction.  Spiritually, mentally, and physically.  The physical piece like weight issues, muscle soreness, and how our bodies feel over all a lot of times get much better after the detox phase.  Then as we move through the program of a drug rehab over 28 days we begin to feel mentally better.  The biggest issue most people face from a mental standpoint is the racing thoughts that occur when our heads hit the pillow at night.  We think about everything that is wrong in our life.  Guilt and shame begin to flood every thought.  When our brains are "going 100mph" at night, many times sleep doesn't happen.

Just remember, this is going to stop in time.  Don't use any over the counter drugs or sleep medications.  We are trying to get all chemicals out of our life and this only hurts that process.  This is a great time to start practicing what 12 step models teach.  If you don't believe in a higher power this can be your acid test.  Sometimes saying a little prayer helps.  Try and see, you have nothing to lose.

"(Higher Power,)
Please take away all the thoughts in my head right now.  I can't stop thinking about horrible things in my life.  Please let me believe that everything is going to be ok.  Let me see any good that has come into my life. "

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Heroin Addiction Treatment In Pennsylvania (Article Library)

We have posted a few links that talk about the heroin addiction problem facing our state and America.  Clearbrook serves as a Pennsylvania heroin rehab and heroin detox.  We wish to point out in the articles that we've posted just how bad this problem has begun.  Whether its what the signs and symptoms of abuse are, the doctor who was convicted of murder for over prescribing opiates, the 75 overdose deaths, or the explosion of heroin in the Poconos; this has become an epidemic.  If we are not aware of it we can't do anything about it.  Clearbrook can help.  Call us anytime for treatment for the addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Heroin deaths spike in the Poconos and Monroe County PA

Doctor Convicted of Murder For Over Prescribing Opiates

Signs and Symptoms Of Heroin Use

Personal Story- "I Never Wanted To Be A Heroin Addict"

75 Overdoses In Three Days

Monday, November 16, 2015

Clearbrook- Remains An Option For New Jersey Drug Rehab

In today's world of the ever growing drug and alcohol problem, finding a New Jersey drug rehab can sometimes be an exhausting experience.  There are so many factors that go into making the decision on where to go.  Health insurance, location, and finding a treatment center that has an open bed most of the time top that list.

The large New Jersey cities such as Newark, Paterson, Trenton, and Atlantic City have too many people that are looking to get treatment but never do.  It is estimated that three out of four people in the state that seek treatment never get it.  Just last week The John Brooks Recovery Center in Atlantic City said they will close their doors in the spring.  This equates to the loss of over 100 beds in the state of New Jersey.  Losing this many beds for treatment has a huge impact on the people and their loved ones.  With a 100 bed facility that means that over 4000 admissions in a year will be lost.

This is where we would like to extend our hand to our neighbor.  Cleabrook Manor is a Pennsylvania drug and alcohol rehab that has been treating addiction for over 40 years.  Our campus is comprised of all brand new, state of the art facilities.  The program of abstinence from mind and mood altering substances is the model we follow.  Along with the accredited program Clearbrook has, one of our distinct advantages is our location.  Please click HERE if you are from New Jersey and are looking for treatment.  This will direct you to our page designed specifically for NJ residents.  We are within 3 hours of any city in NJ.  Clearbrook accepts all major insurances and funding sources.  Please call our admissions department at 800.582.6241 twenty four hours a day.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cigna Pulls Out Of Florida Healthcare Exchange

There is a new trend that many Florida treatment centers are practicing that are disrupting the insurance process of covering treatment.  Last week, Cigna, one of the largest insurance companies participating in the Florida healthcare exchange pulled out and will no longer be offering individual plans.  That equates to 30,000 people tasked with finding a new insurance company for 2016. 

What is happening is some treatment centers are using urine analysis screens to line their pockets.  What happens is someone goes to treatment or a sober living house and the facilities themselves are having their clients submit to drug testing.  Sometimes they require three drug tests per week.  They submit those screens to laboratories and in turn bill the insurance company. 

Why would this be wrong?  Patients of treatment centers and sober living environments should have clean drug screens.  There are a few problems with this practice.  First off, there is no need to drug test people three times per week.  The majority of the narcotics that are tested stay in the body for at least three days.  The second problem is the cost associated with what these labs charge.  When you go into any drug store these days you can buy a urine analysis test for $50 roughly.  Cigna has said that some of the labs that they are paying are billing upwards of $5000 per test.   In particular there was one sober living facility that was billing $36 thousand per month for one patient.  That totals over $400 thousand a year per person and if you have six people in the facility the final reimbursement is over $2 million.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Drug Rehab/Heroin Rehab Harrisburg

Everyday we read the horrific news about the heroin epidemic in the capital city of Harrisburg.  People as young as 12 years old are now experimenting with this lethal poison being sold on our streets.  The amount of overdose deaths continues to rise week after week. On October 20th of this year, a man was arrested and charged with delivering the lethal dose of heroin that killed a woman.  Harrisburg is a large city, which is what accounts for the amount of heroin being sold on our streets. Harrisburg is experiencing over 15 deaths per month as a result of the use of heroin.  If you or someone you know is suffering from the addiction immediate help is needed.  Where should someone go?  What are the options out there for treatment?

With the options for treatment very limited most people have no idea where to turn.  Some people in the addiction treatment world like to prescribe Suboxone and Methadone for very long periods of time.  There have been many studies done on MAT (medically assisted treatment).  Many of these studies are telling us that people that go on maintenance programs for opiate and heroin use go back to their drug of choice.  For a myriad of reasons they do not stay clean.  Many people begin to sell their Suboxone or methadone.  Many people can't afford to stay on these very expensive programs.  The other option out there for someone who wants help is complete abstinence.  Those programs utilize detox, inpatient treatment, aftercare or outpatient services, and 12 step fellowships as a program.  These programs have been working for decades.  They still work.  Harrisburg offers some of the best AA/NA meetings in the entire state.  Even the suburbs of Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Cumberland, and Elizabethtown have dozens of meetings.

This is where Clearbrook would also like to help the people of Dauphin County  PA.  We have treated and continue to treat scores of people from the Harrisburg area.  There are not a lot of options in the city itself when it comes to inpatient drug rehabs in Harrisburg.  Clearbrook Manor which is located in Wilkes Barre is only a 1.5 hour drive straight up Interstate 81.  When a resident from Harrisburg comes to Clearbrook for 28 days of treatment, we immediately start setting up their aftercare plan.  We partner with a variety of intensive outpatient programs in the city and the outskirts so that our patients have some structure coming out of treatment.  We also set up all of our patients with someone in their local community that has some time and experience in the 12 step fellowships.  When someone is suffering from the disease of addiction it is imperative that we get them help, NOW.  Please call our admissions staff who are on call 247//365.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Spice & Bath Salt Detox/Rehab in Pennsylvania

Spice Abuse/ Bath Salt Abuse:

Spice, also known as synthetic marijuana has had exponential growth over the last five years.  When this drug was first introduced it was used for a variety of reasons apart from getting high.  The drug was not detectable on urine and blood screens.  That is why we have seen so many teenagers and young adults using it.  It even went and hit our military.  In the last two years the military has dismissed more than 2000 soldiers for the abuse of spice and bath salts.  Marijuana is a drug, it can and is harmful in the physical and mental sense.  The issue with the designer drugs is that no one really knows what chemical compound makes up the drug and its side effects are devastating.  There have been numerous accounts of people commiting suicide and homicide.  In Arizona a husband and wife we using bath salts.   The husband became so paranoid that he killed his child and wife and then himself.  The delusions and mental state of someone on these drugs is multiplied 10 times what their counter part drugs of pot and crystal meth do.  Poison control centers reported over 4000 cases last year for overdoses.  Below are some of the signs and symptoms of bath salt abuse and spice abuse.

  • Seizures and Tremors
  • Vomiting
  • Very High Blood Pressure
  • Severe Panic Attacks
  • Threatning Behavior
Although these are signs of most drug use, the one symtom that is almost magnified is the paranoia and hostile behavior.  If someone is exhibiting these signs you are going to need to find help. Clearbrook serves as a Pennsylvania drug rehab, New Jersey drug rehab, and New York drug rehab. Please call us at 1-800-582-6241 anytime.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Heroin Treatment In Pennsylvania

The heroin epidemic has reached levels that we have never seen in the state of Pennsylvania. In the 1970s, heroin was also a major problem. To a degree it was confined to our big cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburg. People that used heroin then were mostly of the lower income bracket because if offered such a cheap avenue to get high. Our soldiers that were returning from Vietnam got addicted while they were in Asia and they came home having no idea how to fight it. There were not many heroin rehabs in Pennsylvania then. Many of the people who got addicted to heroin then were put on methadone programs. Those programs didn't work. We saw people who sold their methadone or just relapse back into heroin addiction. Today the heroin problem in PA is all over the place. It knows no difference between income levels, race, religion, or geography. Every day we are reading about overdoses. This is happening in the smallest towns to the largest cities. What we offer at Clearbrook is a way out of the life of addiction. We serve as a Pennsylvania heroin detox and rehab. We believe in the abstinance model of recovery. We will help you through the detox phase of recovery to make you as comfortable as possible. When you leave us, you will be completely chemical free and on the road to a life you could have never imagined in active addiction.